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Rubberband Duckpins, or Rubberducks, is a ‘branch off’ of the duckpin version of bowling, which yields a much higher scoring platform than the standard duckpin game.  In “Rubberducks”, a thick band is placed around the belly of each pin which ultimately increases striking potential, making the scoring similar to that of tenpin bowling.  Because of the greater chance for strikes, and thus a higher score than in standard duckpins, bowlers are limited to two balls per frame instead of three.  

Professional rubberband bowlers roll the ball with a “backspin” delivery, due to one important enhancement on the lane surface–about a foot directly in front of the headpin is an elevated ridge.  If a ball is rolling slow enough, when it rolls onto this ridge, the ball will drop to one side or the other, thus greatly reducing the chance of chopping straight through on the headpin.


(Same scoring system as tenpin bowling)


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