Automatic Evelyn

An Industry Innovation:  The Website Maker

Automatic Evelyn is a well-established, easy-to-use, online bowling league secretarial system that allows you to quickly input your league’s weekly scores, and in moments, a website with real navigation links for your group is instantly delivered to the web.  “Web-lishing” (web publishing) has been a trademark of the versatile Automatic Evelyn system since 1996, so whether you’re a newbie or a long-standing league officer, when you partner with “Evelyn”, you can rest assured that you’ve got a reliable and strong system backing your league.

More than just a One-page Standings Sheet

Automatic Evelyn prides itself on providing your league with a modern, intriguing, and personalized web experience.  With the advent of smartphones and mobile devices, printed material is becoming less of a standard, and everything nowadays is going ‘web-based’.  Therefore, it makes sense that your league’s web presence should be based on something more than a one-page printed document.  

Automatic Evelyn creates a multi-page website for your league that is broken out into a logical arrangement of categories.  This behind-the-scenes web innovation allows for extra features, such as generating bowler charts and graphs, which are just not possible with a typical one-page PDF layout.  And a new and modern makeover for your league not only renews interest for your existing members, but it can also attract other bowlers to join your group, thus making your league grow.

Simple is Easy

Once your league decides to use Automatic Evelyn, your members will adjust real quick to having a website. And getting the job done couldn’t be easier.  A typical week for updating your league involves simply logging into your account, selecting each weekly match-up between teams, entering the scores for each player, and finally clicking a button to “Process” everything, and that’s all.  Evelyn does the rest, including generating a specially-formatted printable hardcopy, and an updated website, all in a matter of seconds–Automatically!  Your league members then can visit a central web link at ‘’ (which is displayed at the top of your weekly sheet) to select your league’s website.  It’s as simple as that!  

Click here for short YouTube demo of how Automatic Evelyn works

What does Automatic Evelyn Offer?


The beauty of “Evelyn” is in its brain.  Automatic Evelyn is a full-blown, powerful league secretarial system, equipped to handle various bowling formats and special league stipulations:


Since Automatic Evelyn is web-based, you can update your league at home or away, or you can even bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet PC to the lanes for optimum promptness in updating at the conclusion of league play.  This is advantageous in more ways than one, in that you’re keying in the scores while they’re “hot off the presses”, and mysteries like anonymous substitutes can be fielded immediately–and you’ll be getting the job done and over with, in a matter of moments, leaving the rest of your week free.  And the most attractive feature of “Evelyn” is that your league members will absolutely love the idea of being able to get on the Internet later that night or the next day to peruse the updated website.

Easy to Use

All software has a learning curve.  With Automatic Evelyn’s “Keep It Simple”, menu-driven, uncomplicated approach, you’ll quickly become familiar with the system, and you can have your league updated in no time. Evelyn’s step-by-step, initial League Setup asks you questions to gather info about the rules for your league, and ‘help links’ are provided along the way, should anything be unclear to you about what “Evelyn” wants to know.  You’ll also have the luxury of available YouTube videos to guide you through any parts of the system where you might need help.

GO MOBILE, GO GLOBAL:  Standard and Mobile-Ready Websites

Make your bowling league a “Smart League”, with Automatic Evelyn.  “Evelyn” creates websites optimized for display on various screen resolutions.  And in keeping up with the smartphone explosion these days, “Evelyn” also creates a separate mobile website version for those ‘on-the-go’ league members who want to check their league status and statistics on their mobile devices.

‘Neat’ Features

Automatic Evelyn isn’t just about ‘convenience’.  When checking league results, bowlers want to see more than just an overall league summary.  After a few weeks of use to gather relevant data, the “Evelyn” system also generates some very unique stats, charts, and graphs for each league member.

A Bowling Secretary System that Creates a Website

for your League and Instantly Sends it to the Internet

The Cost

To use Automatic Evelyn, there’s a flat fee of $24.95 for your league for a season, which amounts to less than 75 cents a week for winter leagues.  When you think about it, “Evelyn” actually pays for itself.  Since your league members can print off the weekly sheets on their own printer, you’re saving on the reduced number of photocopies you need to make.  And with the web hosting cost for your league’s website being a part of the flat fee, your league saves on its annual budget.  And don’t forget the time savings — your efforts as a league secretary are worth considerably more than 75 cents a week.

And with Automatic Evelyn, software updates are done behind-the-scenes, invisibly to you, so you never have to worry about purchasing or downloading upgrades — you’re always using the latest version of Automatic Evelyn.

To learn more about the 30-year history of Automatic Evelyn, and how it has changed and stayed ahead of the times, visit the “About” link.  Also check out “Evelyn” through the various social media icons.



The Box

Your league is fun.

And with stats and graphs, it can also be entertaining after you leave the lanes each week