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Lawn Bowling is a variation in the sport of bowling in which emphasis is placed on finesse and accuracy, and there are no pins, but rather more like the game of horseshoes.  The game is more of “gentleman’s” sport in that the participants are often decked out in white when playing in competition, and the game is played outdoors on a nicely manicured, grass field.  A target ball is rolled first into the field of play, and subsequently, opposing teams will roll their balls (“bowls”) at the target ball in an effort to get as close as possible to the target ball.  

The balls are not quite spherical, and are weighted on one side, which causes the ball to curve as it slows down in its roll, much like a ‘hook’ or a ‘slice’ in golf.  Points are awarded to the team who gets closest to the target ball, and the scoring system for each round of a game is more of a ‘winner take all’ type of round, in which only one team is awarded points in a round–a point for each ball closest to the target ball than the closest ball of the opposing team.

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