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Kegel is a sport that resides in Europe, in the areas of Hungary, Germany, and neighboring countries and jurisdictions.  A branch of the “Ninepin” bowling game, Kegel utilizes the same pin configuration in which 9 pins are set up in a diamond shape.  However, there are many differences between Kegel and its counterpart versions of Skittles and Ninepins.  ‘String’ pinsetting machines are used in Kegel, whereas pinboys manually set up pins in Skittles and Ninepins.  The balls are about 6 inches in diameter with a pair of finger holes to help in wielding the substantial ball.  

Scoring is different in that in many tournament affairs, the bowling format is broken up into segments.  The first half of a competition involves a player rolling only one ball per frame to accrue as many pins as possible, with strikes simply counting as 9 pins knocked down.  The second half of the tournament events focuses on a 3-ball format, in which strikes, spares, and “9-frames” figure into the scoring.

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A Kegel tournament from 2008 (Three ball format)
A Kegel competition from 2010 (One ball format)