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Fivepin Bowling is a Canadian variation of the sport of bowling in which only 5 pins are set up in a triangular spread.  Each pin has a point value: the headpin is worth 5 points, the two pins on the next flank behind the headpin are worth 3 points each, and the last row of pins consists of two corner pins, each worth 2 points, thus totaling 15 points for all pins in a frame.  With each frame based on 15 points instead of the conventional “10”, a perfect game in Fivepins is 450.  

The pins are shorter than a standard tenpin, standing 12” high, and there is a rubber band around the belly of each pin.  The balls used in the game are the same size as duckpin balls, measuring roughly 5” in diameter.  Each player gets to roll 3 balls per frame.

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1995 Canadian Fivepin Bowling Championships