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Duckpin Bowling is a unique variation of the sport of bowling, with several accounts as to when and where the game first started.  The sport is rumored to have started in Baltimore around the year 1900, while other accounts have shown existence of the game in the New England pocket of the United States in the 1890s.  Still others have stated that duckpins had its roots even earlier, with the game being brought to the North American continent by German settlers along with the Ninepin game.

The pins are about 9 inches tall and more squatty than the regular tenpin, with balls that measure approximately 5” in diameter, and weighing in the neighborhood of 3½ lbs.  Bowlers get 3 balls per turn.  Spares and strikes are calculated the same as in conventional bowling.  If all pins are knocked down after a third ball is rolled, then the bowler simply gets “10” for the frame.  Scoring is tougher in duckpins than in tenpin bowling, as is the case in all the small ball games with bare-bellied pins.  The game exists today on the U.S. eastern coast, with a few small centers in the midwest.  (Online official rules for “Duckpins” are not available)


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Turner's Duckpin World Classic 2012 at Southside - Szepucha vs. Dumoulin
2010 DPBA Masters (Match 4) - Hipkins vs. Pyles
2011 PWPT Event at White Oak Lanes (Match 5) - Berends vs. Davis
2011 WNDA Event at White Oak Lanes (Match 2) - Ward vs. McClay