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AUTOMATIC EVELYN is an innovative concept in bowling league secretarial software that uses the power of the web to auto-generate a website for your league.  The basic, menu-driven system is intended to make your experience as a league secretary as easy and as simple as possible, and to provide your members with a resulting website that has a personal touch for each of your bowlers.  Along with the website, “Evelyn” also provides a weekly hardcopy that your members can print from the website – on their own printers!

PORTABILITY:  Because Automatic Evelyn is an Internet/web application, it has the advantage of being able to easily create a true, multi-page website for your league ‘behind the scenes’, and you don’t ever have to worry about uploading anything manually – Automatic Evelyn does it all.  And since “Evelyn” lives on the web, it can be accessed with any mobile device, such as a laptop or tablet, so you can easily update your league from any computer– even at the lanes!  Your bowlers will love the ‘instant-ness’ of this aspect of league updates.

VERSATILITY:  “Tenpins” is the icon when it comes to the sport of bowling.  But there are many areas on the North American continent where “small ball” bowling is popular.  Variations like “Candlepins”, “Duckpins”, “Rubberband Duckpins”, and “Canadian Fivepins” are hugely popular, as well.  Automatic Evelyn has ‘built-in’ functionality to accommodate the specifics of these versions without your league having to sacrifice the neat things, such as keeping track of spares and strikes.

Automatic Evelyn is modestly priced at only $24.95 to use it, per league per season.  So, if you’re new to the job of ‘league secretary’, or if you’re not too savvy with computers . . . No problem.  All you have to do is sign-in each week, and basically just input scores.  You’ll be looking like a ‘pro’ in the eyes of your bowlers in no time!    There’s even a 1-Week Free Trial !

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“Awesome, thanks!  Your software is very easy to use.  I have been using an Excel worksheet that I setup myself and had been using for almost 30 years.  I hope I dont have to go back to my historic sheet.  Your sheet takes half the time to do.”

MARY - Silver Spring, Maryland

“Congressional country club has used the Evelyn software for 2 years now.Its been easy to use and the bowlers like all the information on the sheets.”

KEN - Potomac, Maryland

“I like Automatic Evelyn a lot, keep up the good work! . . .

Automatic Evelyn made it possible for AFEV clubhouse to have a Wii league. Rod has supported me as I learned to be a secretary for BH2019V5CH.  Rod will guide you as you set up your Wii  bowling league.”

DONALD - Fort Myers, Florida

“Awesome, thanks so much!”

GARY - Martinsburg, West Virginia

“Automatic Evelyn is the best!!

It's very friendly and intuitive, adding and editing players and subs is very fast and easy to navigate! I have a 48 team league and Evelyn handles it with ease....

A really nice intuitive feature of the software ensures that before your scores are saved, they have been properly entered. Evelyn is forgiving if you make mistakes, and simple to re-edit and re-update to assure your inputs are safely recorded!

I recommend Evelyn to the novice or advanced stat keepers, it performs the end-to-end statistical duties simply and efficiently.”

CARLOS - Glenn Dale, Maryland


Bring the fun and excitement of “Small Ball Bowling” to your door with “Back Alley”.  The 27-foot replica bowling lane authentically reproduces the games of Duckpins, Rubberducks, and Skittles

“Back Alley”  from
Rent a Lane

The return encounter between Argentina and the United States climaxed in a thrilling, best 2-of-3 game finale between Gerardo Cerezal and Bernie Hipkins.

Historic 2017 Inter-Continental
Duckpin Bowling Challenge

The North American Bowling News is tentatively slated to resume publication in the year 2020, featuring hardcopy and electronic subscriptions

Projected Reboot of the
North American Bowling News

Legendary duckpinner, Jeff Pyles and Major League Baseball’s Hall-of-Fame 3rd baseman, Brooks Robinson, along with Tom McMillen, Kevin Glover, Del Dressler, Bernard Williams, and John Mackey (posthumously) recently entered the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame

Duckpins’ Pyles Joins Brooks Robinson and 5 Others in Maryland ‘Hall of Fame’ Induction Ceremony

NewsTalk 103.7 in Chambersburg, PA, interviewed North American Bowling, centering on the sport’s portable bowling lane, “Back Alley” from Rent a Lane in an informative 20+ minute conversation

North American Bowling Featured in Radio Interview on NewsTalk 103.7

(Click here or on pic to listen to interview)

Shown here: Jeff Pyles on right, Brooks Robinson in center

IDBC Championship - Game 1

IDBC Championship - Game 2

IDBC Championship - Game 3

BA50 Hamilton Lanes Open - 5/5/19 - Winner: Joel Carlson (Tenpins)

PBA Taylor Kia Central/East Open (Regional) - 5/5/19 -  Winner: Chris Via (Tenpins)

PBA50 Mooresville Open - 5/1/19 - Winner: Walter Ray Williams (Tenpins)

DPBA Tour at Lucky Strike Lanes - 4/28/19 - Roy Cochefski (Duckpins)

WNDA Tour at Johnson's Lanes - 4/28/19 - Kristen Cochefski (Duckpins)

DHC PBA Japan Invitational - 4/28/19 - Jason Belmonte (Tenpins)

PBA50 National Championship - 4/26/19 - Walter Ray Williams (Tenpins)

PBA50 Johnny Petraglia BVL Open - 4/17/19 - Walter Ray Williams (Tenpins)

PWPT Tour at Parkville Lanes - 4/14/19 - Matt Anastasi (Duckpins)

PBA Bowlers Discount Pro Shop Open (Regional) - 4/14/19 - Keith Laing (Tenpins)

USBC Masters - 4/1/19 - Jakob Butturff (Tenpins)

DPBA Tour at Suitland Bowl - 3/31/19 - Richie Hipkins (Duckpins)

PBA50 Rossi Lanes Open - 3/24/19 - Ray Edwards (Tenpins)

PBA World Championship - 3/21/19 - Jason Belmonte (Tenpins)

PBA Scorpion Championship - Kris Prather - 3/20/19 (Tenpins)

PBA Chameleon Championship - Jason Belmonte - 3/19/19 (Tenpins)

PBA Cheetah Championship - 3/18/19 - Dick Allen (Tenpins)

PWPT Tour at Pinland Lanes - 3/17/19 - Anthony Anastasi (Duckpins)

World Bowling Tour (Doubles) - 3/10/19 - E.J. Tackett, Liz Johnson (M/F) (Tenpins)

PWPT Tour at AMF Southwest - 2/3/19 - Art Mendenhall (Duckpins)


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